About the Artist

Growing up in small town America in Western New York produces a strong urge to leave and explore the world, which is something that I have been doing ever since. After graduating with a business degree and trying my hand at numerous endeavors showed me that I wasn’t cut out for the usual road that most people travel. So I went in search of a career that fit my personality and lifestyle, photography. Where it went from being a photography student in college and manifested itself into becoming the instructor. My wife and I now teach photography and painting workshops via our Art Treks company. Some of our destinations have included Tuscany, Paris, Cinque Terre, Provence, Santa Fe, Greece, the French Riviera, Spain, New Orleans, Lake Como, Slovenia, Ireland, New England, Croatia, Scotland and Venice, along with numerous other exciting future locations.
Since starting on my chosen path, I have traveled the globe visiting more than 34 countries along the way. I use the camera to explore the world around me to capture a moment in time that has some significance for me.
So many times photographers talk about the quality of light, the presentation of a vision or some other spiritual interpretation surrounding their photography and their reason for doing it. Which can all be legitimate and profound, however for me it is much simpler, I have no choice. Photography is something that I have to do, it chose me and it has been a labor of love ever since. That’s how I approach my photography, as a love affair with life, with a need as strong as breathing. My images are the result and it’s here when viewing an image, if a person is transported to the scene or can feel the emotion, then for that one instant, I’ve shared some small part of myself and the world we all inhabit.

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